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Berkeley Office
2999 Regent Street
Suite 727
Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone: 510-845-1900
Fax: 510-845-1919
Oakland Office
1700 Broadway, 10th floor
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-451-6828
Fax: 510-451-6831

If you have come to our web site, it's likely your dentist or endodontist has recommended endodontic treatment. More than 20 million teeth receive endodontic treatment each year. By choosing endodontic treatment, you are choosing to keep your natural teeth as a healthy foundation for chewing and biting for years to come. If you have never had endodontic treatment, also known as "root canal treatment", or if it has been many years since your last root canal procedure, you may have questions or concerns regarding your upcoming care. We will try to answer and address many of these issues to help you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about your treatment. Any of the topics on this web site, as well as other questions related to endodontic care, can be addressed in more depth by discussing them with your endodontist.

As endodontists, and as members of the American Association of Endodontists, we uphold the ethics and professional conduct code that puts the highest quality patient care at the forefront of our practices. We stay current with technology and incorporate the newest techniques that can improve the success of your treatment. All of our professional staff continue to expand their knowledge with continuing education courses every year. Collectively we offer more than sixty years of practice experience exclusively within this field. Our specially trained staff is committed to providing the best possible patient treatment, in a relaxed, pleasant environment. Our goal is to save your tooth and maximize your comfort. We work directly with your general dentist in a team approach to your dental care.


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